About Project

Our main goal, Noda’s mission is to make your cryptocurrency business more convenient and secure!

Noda Network is an ecosystem of new products for successful crypto business:

Convenient and fast cryptographic control service. All in one place.
Here everyone can find what he is interested in. The download and upload speed of the app is lightning fast. Safety and reliability at the highest level. You won't find many hidden features or get confused by dozens of similar pages. Everything is visible and the design looks attractive.
Reliability - Simplicity - Affordability
Trusted by 100K + users. Noda is used by people all over the world!


1.Noda Wallet 🔸 is an anonymous and versatile cryptocurrency wallet with instant exchange and synchronization with decentralized platforms to provide liquidity and exchange!
Official website:


2. Noda.Pay🔸 is a multi-tiered payment system concept for expanding cryptocurrency payments around the world! MVP.


3. Noda Network (NCN)🔸 is a decentralized protocol for automatic providing liquidity! NCN is a digital token used throughout the Noda ecosystem to manage and secure the network. Users can use NCN by linking NCN to the Ethereum blockchain to secure the payment network, use it to get discounts on the platform, convert to fiat, and securely exchange for other DeFi-based cryptocurrencies.


4. Noda Research🔸 is an investment analytics department.