Noda Network Ambassador Program

Become part of our Noda Network team.

The project and the Noda team began their work in 2020, but the idea was hatched for 5 years, of which 3 years the team assembled, designed and tested the product. Our team develops products that will be available to both professionals and beginners. Many years of work in the field of finance and analytics helped to weigh and collect only the most necessary things in one place. Our team is real people, and each of us is open to communication. We work for people!

Apply to become a Noda Network Representative and join our family.

Founded in early 2020, Noda Network aims to become one of the leading forces in the crypto market. We focus on building and growing the ecosystem of DeFi protocols, multi-blockchain applications, and thus strive to become a well-known DeFi brand. The Noda Wallet, one of the flagships of the Noda Network, currently reaches over 10,000 downloads with a trading volume of over $ 40,000 in 2021 and continues to gain traction.

Are you ready to help build and improve quality products, massive and committed communities for the Noda Network ecosystem?

With our mission to make DeFi services accessible to everyone, we believe that a strong and committed community and quality products will play a vital role in the development of the project. This led us to search for ambassadors of the Noda Network - active supporters of our project, brave, determined and fearless !!!
If you feel like you want to stand firm next to the Network, let's go through a typical Ambassador checklist.

What are we looking for in the after Noda Network An enthusiastic and motivated person who can show how passionate he is with the Noda Network ecosystem and team.

Interested in the future of DeFi and wants to learn about different blockchains. Willing, capable and motivated to raise awareness of the Noda Network, create and leverage products, and help connect the Noda Network with people around the world. Thus, Ambassadors should be well versed in the use of Noda Network products: Wallet, payment system, etc. As the Noda Network aims to go global. Proficiency in English is desirable. Previous experience in building blockchain or community-based projects is preferred. (Optional, but preference will be given to those with experience)

So what makes an ideal Noda ambassador?

Be involved and friendly to all members / users To be able to inform and help users about our products in various communities (not only the official communities of the Noda Network, but also others) on several platforms (Telegram, Twitter, Medium). Support for online and offline events for Noda Network communities Get ready to create your own content, or develop.

Disqualification An ambassador will be disqualified under any of the following circumstances:

Failure to actively cooperate with the Noda Network and assist in creating content or performing designated tasks. Provision of data protected by copyright; publishing content in accordance with the value of the community. Instant disqualification for those who commit suspicious or fraudulent activities related to any part of the ecosystem, team and user of the Noda Network.

What kind of people the Noda Network team needs:

UI / UX designer; Web Designer; Android application developer; IOS developer; PHP developer; Laravel developer; Crypto blogger, professional Youtube video editor. The channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers and an active audience. And other useful and important tasks that you can perform for the project.

If you are enthusiastic and want to unleash your potential and become part of the team in the future, fill out this form.

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    Fill out the application form -
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    Verification of the Noda Network team. As soon as we receive your application, it will be considered within a few days and a decision will be made. If you are accepted for the test period, you will receive a message by mail or in private messages of Telegram.
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    Congratulations, you've started the trial periods. The candidate goes through a one-month test period, where he has the opportunity to demonstrate his enthusiasm, to work with the team. At the end of the test period, the team checks all completed tasks, the work done, and invites the best for closer cooperation.
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    Climb aboard! If you are interested, do not hesitate to read the details and fill out the application form. Don't miss your chance to become a Noda Network Ambassador.
Note: This is an unpaid, volunteer position. One-time and regular missions will be conducted. With all the support, the discussion will take place in the Noda Network Ambassadors Communities. Noda Network reserves the right to change the rules for granting benefits or cancel rewards at any time. All Noda Network decisions are final and will be effective immediately.