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We are trying to create a world-class community that will help grow the Noda Network and improve financial inclusion around the world. We are not trying to create a community that is chasing fast tokens. Your support is important to us!

We've created a list of tasks that you can do to help Noda Network

Note: This is unpaid, volunteer work. With all the support, the discussion will take place in the Noda Network communities. Personal DMs are not operated by the Noda Network. Please submit any content project to the Noda Network team before posting. Noda Network has the right to share content through our social media channels. The quality of work and engagement will carry more weight in terms of helping the project and future rewards.

The most active participants will receive gifts from the project - NFT tokens.

Complete tasks and submit reports to the official Noda Network community The report is a link, screenshot, content. The awarding stage will take place every month. The first stage of choosing the winners will take place on January 1, 2022.
The more help you provide, the more you gain 💎% and the higher your chance of receiving Noda Network NFT tokens. The number of tasks will increase. There will be permanent and regular missions.
+💎 1% - Subscribe to our social networks.
Join the Telegram group -
Subscribe to our Telegram channel
Subscribe on Twitter -
Subscribe to Blog (Medium) - https: //
Subscribe to Reddit -
Subscribe to - GitHub -
+💎 1% - Bookmark our official websites:
Noda Wallet Business Card -
Noda.Pay -
Take a screenshot of the bookmarks and send to the group
+💎 1% - Like and retweet the announcement and latest posts in:
Blog (Medium) -
Twitter - Also leave your comment #NodaNetwork.
Take a screenshot, send a tweet link and a screenshot to the group
+💎 1% - Repost of the announcement in Telegram
Condition: the repost must be with your comment on your active crypto channel with an audience of at least 500 people. Submit your repost link to the Noda community
+💎 3% - Placing an advertising post in an active crypto chat.
Condition: the community administrator must allow posting, the post must be seen by the chat users.
Take a screenshot, send the link and screenshot to the group
+💎 1% - Placing an advertising post on an active cryptocurrency channel Telegram in other social networks.
Take a screenshot, send the link and screenshot to the group
+💎 4% - Install the Noda Wallet, use it, check the functions and write an honest detailed review of the Noda Wallet crypto wallet on Google Play.
Take a screenshot, send screenshot to the group
+💎 1% - Maintain an active, positive atmosphere in the main community of the Noda Network, help newcomers, answer common questions.
+💎 1% Post quality messages in any telegram group
Messages must be of high quality. Any duplicate or spam content will not be counted.
+💎 1% - Write recommendations for improving the project to the Telegram group Recommendations can apply to any part of the project. Recommendations should be practical and constructive with the options for implementing your recommendation.
+ 💎 2% - Vote for Noda Network on trackers once.
Take a screenshot and send it to the group
+💎 5% - Vote for Noda Network on trackers every day for a month.
Take a screenshot and send it to the group
+💎 20% - Self-organization and conduct of AMA sessions in various groups.
It is necessary to gather a local community and conduct some kind of AMA, tell about the project, etc.
Write to support and get approval for holding.
+💎 1-5% - Create at least 5 memes related to the Noda Network, share them on Twitter, in the tweet with the meme you need to tag @NodaNetwork, and send a link to the tweet to the community.
Take a screenshot, send the link and screenshot to the group
+💎 2-5% - Creation of a series of posters, advertising banners for the Noda Network ecosystem, its products.
Submit posters to the group and personal support messages
+💎 5% - Creation of Telegram stickers Condition: adequate image, about the Noda Network project.
Submit the stickers to the group so that everyone can add and use them.
+💎 20% - Video presentation of the project
🎥 In order to draw more attention to the Noda Network ecosystem: Noda Wallet, Noda.Pay payment system and NCN token, we are announcing an official competition for all content makers to create the brightest and most useful educational video on the Noda Network!
Video options:
  • Create an instructional video on how to use the Noda Network;
  • Ecosystem overview;
  • Promo video;
  • Invitation to join the project;
  • Video review of any project product, such as a video feedback on using Noda Wallet
  1. 1.
    Post the video on any platform;
2. Submit the video link in the community
The tutorial can be filmed in any language and posted both on your personal and on other accounts, if you agree with crypto influencers.
+💎 5% - Creation of high-quality presentation, infographics.
Take a screenshot, send the document \ link and screenshot to the group
+💎 5% - 20% —Translate posts, articles, videos, and your own translations on the # all-translations channel.
Your translation must be done by you, not by a robot or automatic translator;
Send the link to the message \ document to the group
+💎 5% - Placement of a Noda Network advertising banner on the website.
Condition: A location that's easy to spot.
Take a screenshot, send the link and screenshot to the group
💎 3% - Create a thread \ post information about the Noda Network on the cryptocurrency forum.
Take a screenshot, send the link and screenshot to the group
+💎 1% - Write an honest detailed review of a cryptocurrency project.
Take a screenshot, send the link and screenshot to the group

Definition of "high quality" content

Quality content always yields great results. Some general rules for what is meant by "high quality" content:
• Original - the content should be your own work; it should contain your real voice and image, not automatic translations or copy / paste content
• Detailed - the content must contain a high level of detail; it should be obvious that you've spent time thinking about the content
• Substantial - Content must be 5+ minutes if video or 500+ words, eg blog, to earn the highest reward levels.
• Professional - Content should look professional and include multimedia content. Resources Below are some resources for creating high quality content. This list is not exhaustive. You can use whatever tools / platforms you like to create high quality content.
• Video recording: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) software, Apowersoft online screen recorder, Screencast-O-Matic, quality microphone and optimal audio
• Video editing: Blender, Shotcut • Infographics: Adobe Spark, Canva, Visme, Stencil, Freepik, Easel, Infogram, Google Charts, Venngage, Snappa.
• Blogging: Medium, Tumblr, Ghost, Blogger, etc.
Noda Network reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. All Noda Network decisions are final and will be effective immediately.
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