3. Noda Cryptocurrency Network (NCN token)
Noda Network - Decentralized Protocol for Automatic Liquidity Provision!
● Ticker symbol - NCN
● Token type - ERC-20 | BSC


NCN is a digital token used throughout the Noda ecosystem to manage and secure the network. Users can use NCN by linking NCN to the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain blockchain to secure the payment network, use it to get discounts on the platform, convert to fiat, and securely exchange for other DeFi-based cryptocurrencies. The task of NCN is to remove commissions, remove fraud and increase the speed of purchasing goods. The token acts as a guarantor in the exchange of currencies to fix the rate. Using our system, you do not have to send money to a bank or anywhere else. This money is frozen in the central account of the entire payment system, it is not transferred anywhere and is not transferred to anyone, the person does not pay an additional commission.
The seller and the buyer are insured against fraudulent activities. A seller who trades in any goods and who installs the Noda Network system on his website has a token decryption system. The seller is insured that he has a decryption plugin with an individual code and can receive the exact amount sent by the buyer. Usually, when we buy from an online store in any other country, we pay a commission to the payment system.


A buyer from Russia has an account with a decryption system in the Noda payment system to which he deposits funds to purchase goods or services. The Chinese seller has his own account with a decryption system. A Russian buyer does not physically have to send money to China. An operation is performed in the Noda Network system. The transaction takes no more than 2–3 seconds. The token is decrypted through the decryption system and the seller from China receives the exact amount from the bank to his account.
This reduces the commission for the transfer to almost zero, and the token is the guarantor of the fact that this is the amount that the person sent and the other received.